The brand BALDESSARINI moves in a lifestyle of independence and freedom. The brand itself sets the rules and limits by which it plays. Characteristic is the brand's loyalty –to itself and to the customer. The brand offers a sense of security in what it is doing. BALDESSARINI is always aware of its effect and uses it to share its joy in life. It is true to itself and therefore shines with enormous authenticity.

The brand's attitude towards life comes from Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. We go back to 1969. Hollywood is revived. The golden era of Hollywood began with films like “Easy Rider”and “Bonnieand Clyde”. It's the time when the sound of Los Bravos “Bring a Little Lovin’”or “TreatHer Right”by Roy Head echoes from the speakers of the Cadillac Coupe Deville. The brand is filled with joie de vivre, the desire to live the moment and the urge for freedom. In order to live out precisely these longings, the brand is always drawn to the metropolises and the coasts of Europe with the zeitgeist for the beautiful reflected in art, architecture, music, food and drinks: the self-confidence from California and the love for Europe unite.

The brand BALDESSARINI offers its ageless and free-spirited customer a unique product with high self-awareness of design, zeitgeist and value for money. The joie de vivre is reflected in the workmanship, the attention to detail and the penchant for uniqueness. As an uncompromising matter of course, the brand sees daily sustainable action, because it is one of their most important duties to the environment, the customers and us. High-quality fabrics with type-appropriate, competent fits inspired by the 70s Hollywood distinguishes the brand and are authentic with a certain self-irony and a wink.

It's time not to take yourself too seriously.


The Granny
Smith story

The daisy and the Granny Smith apple –when looking back at the roots of the brand BALDESSARINI, these two key items are unmistakable. Why did founder Werner Baldessarini find them so fascinating?

His explanation: Imagine buying Granny Smith apples, polishing them until they shine, placing them in a bowl, and setting them alongside daisies on a table –then everything becomes clear to you!

The daisy is such a pristine flower that it doesn't need an enormous bloom to flourish –just a simple, innocent beauty. Without making a big fuss, it's just there –beautiful, aesthetic, and yet unobtrusive.

The green Granny Smith apple represents unforgettable juicy freshness and symbolizes pure enjoyment and joy of life. 
This combination is what defines BALDESSARINI’S looks!

The history

This is us
and our


HUGO BOSS AG founds the mens luxury label BALDESSARINI, named after Werner Baldessarini. 
The first collection will be presented and brought to the market.


The Michael Award for best men‘s designer goes to Werner Baldessarini. Charles Schumann becomes BALDESSARINI‘S testimonial.


Karl Lagerfeld photographs the Spring/Summer catalog of BALDESSARINI.


BALDESSARINI launches its first fragrance–BALDESSARINI Eau de Cologne –with the slogan “Separates the Men from the Boys”.


BALDESSARINI‘S new fragrance will be premiered twice with the FIFI Award: best perfume & flacon.


BALDESSARINI becomes 100% subsidiary of HUGO BOSS AG and relocates from Metzingen to Munich.


Sale of the brand BALDESSARINI to Ahlers AG, one ofthe former major european players in the men‘s clothing market.


BALDESSARINI grants licenses for eyewear to Licefa GmbH & CO. KG, jewerly to Trauring manufaktur Krill GmbH and headwear to Wegener 1817 GmbH & CO. KG.


The first german monobrand store is opened, an exclusive shop-in-shop concept is introduced and the e-commerce is going online. In the upcoming years more international store and show room openings are celebrated.


BALDESSARINI grants a license for bodywear to CECEBA Group GmbH.


BALDESSARINI presentsat Pitti Uomo fair in Florence for the first time.


BALDESSARINI presents at the Premium in Berlin for the first time.


Florian Wortmann is new managing director.

BALDESSARINI experiences a 180°relaunch under the theme of New Hollywood and presents the first digital fashion show.


BALDESSARINI grants a license for shoes to Gordon & Bros GmbH.

BALDESSARINI presents the new pop-up concept for Spring/Summer 2022 with selected customers for the first time.

For the launch of the occasion collection BALDESSARINI white, the brand hosts its first influencer event in Ibiza.


The brand holds the first live fashion show in Florence for the BALDESSARINI Golf Club collection Spring/Summer 2023 and enters a partnership with influencer Bene Schulz of the Elevator Boys.

The first live fashion show SS23 takes place in Florence.


BALDESSARINI grants a new license for headwear and accessories to Fritz Nitzsche GmbH & Co. KG.

New opening of the BALDESSARINI monobrand store at Kurfürstendamm 201 in Berlin.

The brand BALDESSARINI is seen on the red carpet in the USA for the first time. Stars like: Nick Jonas, Jay Shetty, Sebastian Yatra.


BALDESSARINI becomes the official outfitter of the professional football club HNK Hajduk Split.

THE R.Brand Group, a new subsidiary of the Röther Group, acquires significant assets of ahlers ag and its subsidiaries, including New Baldessarini GmbH.


BALDESSARINI is taking part in the 19th season of „Germany‘sNext Topmodel“ and provides outfits for the final walk of the male models.