Tee-Time. A juicy green everywhere. The gras is cleanly cut to the exact centimeter. The palms are the nature’s picture-perfect decoration on this green stage in front of a panoramic seaside. Little flags are pointing the players to their final goal. Only the unchallengeable silence can make this place to an even more breathtaking paradise. Golf carts are making their way through this scenic golf course. And then there is the Spring/Summer 2023 collection of Baldessarini: the hole in one that we didn’t expect.

A collection full of bright and intense colors ranging from green to blue, highlighted by a sunny yellow and a decent lilac. The base colors are different shades of beige giving the eccentric collection the right premium touch. The whole collection is again an homage to the 70s California Glam with just the right wink. Polo shirts with flashy graphics, retro cardigans with badges, short sleeve knitwear tops with check pattern, everything screams golf of the 70s – and we love it. There is no fake shyness or introversion – the golfers want to be seen and celebrate life with just the right luxurious aspiration.

This season we call out the preppy style without limits, therefore our lightweight denims also have a dispersing washing, allover prints or patches attached, the ideal counterparts to light summer cashmere available in bright colors from yellow to pink and lilac. Golf can be everything: the expression of status, the hours of concentration and silence outside the daily life, the meet and greet of a society, the place to wear what and how you want. So escape from reality, train your skills, meet new people: Welcome to the Baldessarini Golf Club!